Wired Lavalier Microphones

Wired lapel microphones, ideal for all devices, with multiple specs depending on your needs. ... Wired lapel microphones, ideal for all devices, with multiple specs depending on your needs.

Lavalier Microphone Information

wired lavalier microphone

Lavalier microphones are also known as lav mics or lapel mics. They are designed to be small and discrete, and to clip onto clothing for use both indoors and outdoors. You can also fix a lapel mic to someone's skin in order to hide the microphone from view. They are commonly used in recording with DSLR cameras and smartphones (Android and iPhones). You will often find people on the news, conference presenters, and sports anchors using lav microphones, for their convenients and flexbility.

Wired lav mics are good to allow you a consistent connection, but they may prevent you moving around as much as with a wireless lav mic.

Connect Lav Mics with Video Cameras and Recording Devices

You can record audio alongside video and other types of audio devices with your lav mic systems. Simply connect to your DSLR, smartphone or tablet (and even a PC) and start recording! You can also use an audio interface such as our Smartrig products to connect other audio inputs together such as instruments like a guitar or keyboard.

Cardioid Polar Pattern and Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphones

A cardioid polar pattern of recording focuses the mic on a specific area, helping to capture audio very sensitively from that area, whilc offering no sound sensitivity behind that area.

Many of the wired lav mics above have an omnidirectional pickup pattern (such as the SR-XM1) which make it a great audio device for recording multiple people at once or capturing the overall sound of the room.

Accessories for Wired Lav Mics

We have many accessories available for our range of lav mics, some of which actually come included with certain mic sets, such as an artificial fur windshield, or certain adapters.

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