IOS External Microphones (iPhones/iPads)

IOS compatible external microphones for iPhones and iPads. Lightning cable compatible microphones too. Shop the wired and wireless options below.

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iPhone Microphones

Even though the iPhone audio quality isn't terrible, for those looking to up their professional recording game, an external microphone can really sharpen up the quality of the sound, perfect for Youtube videos, podcasts and interviews. This range includes on-camera microphones such as shotgun mics, as well as lavalier (lapel clip on) microphones for interviews / distance recording.

The majority of these mics use the modern lightning port that's on all Apple devices now.


Where is the microphone on the iPhone 4/5/6/7/8/X/11?

The majority of iPhones have a microphone at the bottom of the phone near the external ports, and at the top very near the speaker. Some of the modern iPhones have two microphones at the bottom, one on the back of the phone, and one at the top. The top microphone is mainly used to perform noise cancellation during calls (it picks up the audio from the person you're speaking with to avoid feedback loops).

How to test the microphone on your iPhone?

You can test your iPhone mic by opening the Voice Memos app, clicking record, and then testing whether any sound was recorded by playing it back.

How to turn on your iPhone microphone?

Your mic should always be enabled on your iPhone, as it's needed for you to make phone calls. If you need to enable the mic on a specific application, you can usually do this by going to Settings -> Click the Application -> Enable microphone.

How to connect an external microphone to your iPhone?

As long as the adapters are correct, you can usually plug an external mic directly into your iPhone, and it will detect + start using it as soon as you hit record. If you have the wrong input adapter, consider buying a converter that can bridge the gap.

Why is my iPhone microphone not working?

If your iPhone microphone isn't working, try disconnecting all accessories, clear anything blocking the microphone, remove any screen protectors and covers, clear any debris in the iPhone mic or receiver areas, Restart your device, and update your IOS version.

If these don't work, then consider taking it to an Apple store.

Can you activate your iPhone microphone remotely?

There are a few applications such as "Remote mic" that suggest it's possible, but the reviews imply that it's buggy and isn't really fit for purpose.