Audio Interfaces and Mixers

Sync your audio sources together, with high quality interfaces and mixers from Saramonic. ... Sync your audio sources together, with high quality interfaces and mixers from Saramonic.

What is an audio interface?

Audio interfaces allow you to create high quality audio, by syncing multiple types of audio into one device. You can join recordings from microphones, instruments (keyboards, guitars, etc). You can also listen to real-time playback through an interface.

How does an audio interface work?

You record an analogue signal from your input, the interface converts this into a digital stream, which it then sends to your recording device or computer, where it can be edited and saved. This can also happen in reverse if you like, so the computer can send digital information to be converted into analogue output.

Why do I need an audio interface?

It allows you a lot of flexibility when recording, particularly for those looking to record multiple sources of audio. If you're looking to record music, or do interviews with multiple people, then an audio interface allows you to record each source independently for the best quality.

You can also adjust the volume of each input, and directly monitor recording while playing another track with no latency.

Which audio interface should I buy?

There are lots of interfaces out there, and it's tough to find the one that's perfect for you. You should purchase an audio interface that has the correct number and type of connections on it, so that it will work with all of your existing technology.

How to connect compressor to audio interface?

You should plug the output of the interface into the input ports of the compressor, then plug the output of the compressor into the line input of the interface. You will most likely need some converter cables and adapters to make this happen.

What is a USB audio interface?

A USB audio interface can be used with a computer, to give it an external sound card, and to provide more flexibility when recording onto a computer.